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I ended my elk season early on the ride out tonight. I was nearly home on my ATV when I hit a washout that wasn?t there earlier, I went end over end, it's a non maintained county road near my home that I've traveled hundreds of times. The result is a fractured sternum, it hurt like hell when I rolled my ATV right side up to get home.



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Dang Bean, that is ruff. Things happen quickly and that we do not see coming at times. Hope you recover quickly and can get back out on the mountain soon.


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Similar thing happened to my brother a few weeks back. He wasn't wearing a helmet and got lucky. For all of you out there that ride ATVs/UTVs - wear a helmet!


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I did have a helmet on with night riding lights, I'm glad I did because it broke the mount for the lights and it has a dent in the top of it that would have been a dent in my head.

>Similar thing happened to my brother
>a few weeks back.
>He wasn't wearing a helmet
>and got lucky. For
>all of you out there
>that ride ATVs/UTVs - wear
>a helmet!



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Man, that sucks. Probably only hurts when you move. Or breathe.

When I lived in the Grand Valley I was a riding instructor for ATV Safety Institute. My Ridercourses were on the north boundary of the GJ airport, the start of JQS road north of Rifle, and occasionally the fairgrounds @ Craig.

To the point: They do a lot of work and look like fun, but quads can cripple or kill you. The war stories from survivors and friends during classes were hair-raising.

I'm glad you will recover. We need you here. Helmet and eye protection, indeed.


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My crash was on the unmaintained portion of 39 road on the east side of Horse Mtn, East Orchard Mesa. The thing I think about is that coming down from where I was hunting is a rocky technical trail that I told myself to be very careful on. Where I got hurt was close to home on a road I have driven hundreds of times. I was going too fast certain that I knew the road well enough. My guard was also down for the same reason and I was tired and thinking of the dinner that my Wife no doubt had on the stove.

I should have been riding slower, I should have treated the whole ride like something could go wrong, I should have thought about the rains storms that hit this area while I was sailing and eroded the road. Lots of things I could have and should have done. This is the second time I have broken bones on Horse Mtn, the first was on my mtn bike. I'm getting too old for these kinds of things to happen.

I am very glad I had a decent helmet on, I don't always ride with one. i probably chose to use the helmet because my 2300 lumen light set was mounted on it and it was warmer, not for safety reasons. I will wear it in the future.



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Sorry to hear that Hasbean that had to hurt I broke mine Abalone diving a few years ago. Fell on a slippery rock and it took some time to heal. Hell of a way to end the season


Sorry to hear that BeanMan. I read your post and get a lot of info from them. Hopefully you will heal. It will take time.

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