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I have an antelope skull that was cleaned (mostly) by beetles at the local university. When I got the skull back there were areas of dark dis-colorization on the nose area. I tried boiling with some hydogen peroxide added and tried regular bleach letting in dry in the sun for 3-4 days each time. The dis-colorization still remains. Any tricks to remove it???
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It's oils in the bone still. Antelope are bad. You have to degrease the skull in dawn an water for several months before it will come out. An never use regular bleach it will eat the bone. I've seen people use Clorox bleach before and a month later there skull was so brittle you couldn't touch it. Good luck


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Just soak it in 40% peroxide! No need to do any of that other crazy stuff you hear about, like bleach or dishsoap! Just did two antelope skulls last week and they look awesome!


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Just did an elk skull and used the 40% peroxide (available from Beauty supply stores). Never done any euros before so I'm a rookie and just looked at several websites. The peroxide comes in a creme form (small bottle was around $4) and read that you can add talc or baking soda if you want it thicker. I brushed it on after adding some baking soda, wrapped it in cellophane and let it sit overnite and it came out great. A couple areas are a bit yellowish so I may apply it to those areas but it actually looks fine as is. Only drawback so far is I had it in the garage and it has a bit of a smell still so I've put it outside to air out and hope the smell goes away as I'd not want it in the house the way it is. Anyone have any tips on deoderizing it if just airing it out doesn't solve the problem?


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when I do euro's I mix the 40% peroxide in with water (small tin tubs) and warm it (don't boil, bones will fall apart) for a couple hours. Then I just let air dry for a day or two and no smell associated with the skulls I have.


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