I was able to get this guy on my second to last day of hunting this year. I was exploring an area that I'm not very familiar with but seemed like great habitat for a big buck. That morning, I was hiking up a steep ridge hoping to find good glassing at the top. I got to the top of the ridge at daylight just to find a false summit that led into a meadow with a string of trees along the bottom, that was as far as I could see. I started walking around the meadow hoping I might be able to see down the hill if I got on the other side of the trees, when I saw a doe start to move out of the trees about 300 yards away. I pulled up my binoculars and watched her stare at me for a minute before taking a scan along the tree line. I saw the butt of another deer, but its head was behind some more trees. After watching it for a minute I finally saw enough movement to know it was definitely a legal buck, but still had no idea how big he was. I laid down and got into position to shoot and put my scope on him. I watched him for another several minutes and he still would not move his head out from behind the trees, but I had a small window through them where I could see his mass and catch glimpses of his antler tips. I thought there was a chance he could be a pretty nice buck, but also knew I was taking a gamble by shooting. He stepped further behind the cluster of trees, and if he moved any further down I would lose the broadside shot at his vitals. Since I only had one more day to hunt and I had this guy sitting in my crosshairs, I decided to take the shot and I'm glad I did. Really like his unique shape, mass, and the consistent dark color of his antlers. Not to mention he was a big bodied, healthy buck. I felt like I was packing a cow elk down the hill.


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