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My 15 year old grandson called last night and told me he got a super tag in the mail for antelope. I bought him 4 chances the last week of May. He is on cloud nine, however he is not as lucky as I am. I get to take him. What a wonderful gift for me.


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>My 15 year old grandson called
>last night and told me
>he got a super tag
>in the mail for antelope.
>I bought him 4 chances
>the last week of May.
>He is on cloud nine,
>however he is not as
>lucky as I am. I
>get to take him. What
>a wonderful gift for me.

Congrats to you both. My son drew at 12. I definitely had more fun on his hunts than I ever did on mine.


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>Thanks! Really looking forward to
>it. So many options,
>so little time.
Life is full of problems.
Good problems and bad problems.
You sir have a great problem!



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Yeah, but my situation now is those little boys of mine are now 26(6'4"), 22(6'1), and 18(6'0), and all 5% body fat. Thinking I could even sell my horses.

Even better, first grandkid coming in Aug, so the next generation of "firsts" begins.

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