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Not opposed to paying, but just looking to see if anyone may be interested. I own a 24ft boat so snapper, sharks, etc, is fairly easy and fun for the family. Could also offer Tuna and mahi mahi fishing in Venice, this would be with lodging and possibly bowfishing for redfish etc. at night. We have a lot of fishing options in the summer.

I live in Mississippi and gator hunting is awesome and usually high success. We have to draw tags, and will not know til June, but would swap a gator hunt for 2 gators. If drawn bow hunting them is a blast, but catching them is just as fun.

I am looking for big game hunt for my son and possibly his best fiend. My enjoyment is his enjoyment, so I do the filming and leave the hunting to him. He is 8 and has killed gators, deer, turkey. I am looking for elk, mulie, merriams, pronghorn, bear.

I know a lot of states have minimum age requirements and some i do not know the extent of. Please pm me if you may have something available. Looking New Mexico or Montana or wherever.


I know here in Montana to hunt elk, a person must be 12 or older, there is a Mentor Hunt for youths for deer where 10, 11 y.o. can hunt, not sure what other elk hunting states have for a minimum age for elk hunting. I lease a good amount of land here in Montana, 13,000 acres, general area, I may be looking for someone to share part of the season with, keep in mind, this is a quality area and not cheap, let me know if you are interested, good luck.

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