SOLD Swarovski 8x42 SLC HD***Mint, As New***


Swarovski 8x42 SLC HD binoculars in like new condition with no marks or flaws of any type anywhere. I purchased these in March from a collector (over 100 pairs of alpha binoculars currently) who never used them. I have used them only a few times from the deck of my home. As expected, they perform perfectly with no mechanical or cosmetic issues of any kind. Views are crystal clear, sharp, and very contrasty with a very large sweet spot and very little, if any, softness at the only extreme edges of the field of view. The case, straps, and camera adapter have still never been used. The binoculars were purchased from an authorized U.S. Swarovski dealer and carry a lifetime transferable warranty. The warranty card is still blank but I registered the binoculars on-line with Swarovski after purchasing them and you can transfer the warranty to yourself either on-line, by phone, or by filling in and mailing the warranty card if desired.

It's important to note that this pair was made in the final year before Swarovski revised the SLC's by increasing the close focus distance from 6.6 feet to over 10 feet, lessening the armor quality (this pair uses the same armor material as the EL's) , and downgrading the internal baffling in an effort to better differentiate the SLC line from the EL's that cost considerably more but whose main difference was merely the use of a field flattener (which some users find disturbing due to the rolling ball effect). So this pair retains the 6.6" close focus, better armor, and superior baffling.

The sale includes everything as received new from Swarovski--binoculars, adjustable rainguard,, tethered objective covers, neck strap, case with strap, camera adapter, manual, blank warranty card, Swarovski decal, and box. Everything is like new exactly as it was received from Swarovski.

Price is $1250 plus $25 toward shipping in the U.S.

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