Swarovski 95mm Objective Lens


this is for the objective lens only. this lens has been incredible for long range glassing and has been an absolute pleasure to sit behind. I've gone exculsevly to backpacking style of hunting and therefore am just switching to a smaller lighter 65mm lens. The wind caught my scope and it hit the ground causing a visual flaw in the lens. I can not see any flaws or notice a single thing while glassing through it in low light, midday and directly in the sun. if there was any indication or flaw I would have sent it in But there's not so I used it without any issues for the last two seasons. you can see a mark by looking at the lens but absolutely no flaw looking through the lens (You can see in the last pic) I've priced the lens according. you can send it back to Swarovski for around 250$ and they will service the entire lens making it basically brand new If you wanted to but you really can't see any flaw while glassing. I've priced this to sale giving the buyer more than 250$ credit for the repair/service You can save yourself about 800$ by buying this lens vs new.
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