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Hi there muzzleloader family.

I have been wanting to update my sights for my Black Diamond muzzleloader and I really wanted to get a Williams precision sight for NW legal muzzleloaders. They do not make them anymore and was hoping I could get some local monstermuley advice on peep sight suggestions so I can increase my accuracy. I have a peep currently and I can make it work but the sight picture is larger then I would like. Any suggestions?

Thanks all
You might try calling the guys at muzzleloader dot com. There maybe something that they have that would work on a Black Diamond
When you say the “sight picture” is too large, do you mean you’d like a smaller aperture to look through or a smaller front bead?
On my TC/Black Diamond the peep sight it came with was more of a target aperture. I just unscrewed the aperture and went with the hole in the receiver. It has worked well for me.
What make/model do you have on it? Most decent sights use removable apertures.

I’m not sure the make and model I have just always used it because it came with the rifle. I can take a picture if it helps?

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