Taking a bow into mexico


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Hey there Gents and Lady?s,
Wondering if anyone can tell me if a gun permit is required to take a bow into Mexico? Any help is very appreciated!

Thanks, NVMDF


I saw tv shows with people bowfishing offshore in Mexico. It looked like fun. I fish the coast of Sonora every year so I researched the rules as best I could. As far as I could tell it was legal to bowfish and there were no special rules to bring a bow to Mexico. It seemed that a bow was classified the same as a speargun which I always bring to Mexico with no issues.

I ended up bringing a compound bow to Sonora on one trip and using it to bowfish. I didn't have any problems but no officials every saw the bow. I'm still not 100% sure if I should have had some kind of permit for the bow. Let us know if you find out anything.


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A Permit Is Not Required. Sometimes They Will Ask You for your Hunters agreement for Crossing The Weapon But, Other Than That It is Not Required. The Only Thing They Have asked Me over the years is to Remove Your Broad heads During Travel.

Good Luck and Safe Trip

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