Talk me out of it !


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Ok Guys. this is your last chance to talk me out of it, Mule deer Unit 21 Colorado.

As some of you know Im planning on pulling 21 archery tags this year. Many have givin advise and some are willing to help quite a bit, Thank you all. It hasn't been easy watching comments and and digging up info on units that I haven't hunted. Ive been watching for our MD hunt for over 10 years and originally had thought unit 61 would be the unit for us. As unit 61 declined the same way (from reports/ comments) as 21 I switched to 21 due to the fact that a lot of guys spoke about 61 being too thick for an archery hunt, so 21 here I am. I do not want to do a high elevation hunt, that is a main portion of the choice. I need to make a final decision on the unit and just go with it. I believe 21 is it since our target is not 180 to 200 or above or or or nothing and go home. We will be happy with 160s if they have the classic MD looks and characteristics etc. I've flip flopped back and forth too many times and need to put it behind me.
Talk me out of it if its wrong.

If not, then I can start to focus on details and not let the decision bother (torture) me anymore. If all I know this may be the only MD hunt I get to do. so there is pressure to get it right.

Thanks Guys,


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There's quite a few factors to consider when narrowing down muley unit and season choices. Do you have knowledge of the unit? How close is it to your home to scout? What type of terrain, vegetation, and elevation do you enjoy hunting? What size bucks are you interested in and is that size available? What is the muley density and population at the time of year you are hunting. Is it a decent hunt the time of year and season you intend on hunting? How many other deer hunters are there during the season I choose? Is there much pressure from OTC elk hunters, hikers, ATV's etc that don't have deer tags? Is there remote country where you can get away from others? Do deer migrate out of the area or get pushed onto private with hunting pressure. These are a few of the factors I consider before making a decision.

It really sounds like you have most of the questions answered. If it makes it easier for your decision there are 160 type bucks in just about every unit right now in Colo. It sounds like you are excited to hunt in 21 and should likely go for it if all your boxes are checked!


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Happy with 160's. So would many other hunters in 21. Sure its possible but let's be realistic realizing a 3.5 yr old deer in 21 is the norm. Even in 3rd season ya find dam few in that range. It's what it is and our local CPW biologist would agree.


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Go for it if you want
If you draw I’m an hour away and can meet you up there and show you around
If you want to work hard 180 is very doable!
Steep and nasty but doable!


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Thank you guys for your replies. I believe this has been a big help. I suppose I just needed a little nudge.

First , Tailchaser, Thanks for your response man. I here your concerns and yes I've heard the same before and its the reason why its hard to make a final decision. I don't know what most 3 1/2 yr olds grow or look like but we'll look for 5.5's and see what we can find, maybe we'll get lucky, I do seem to be lucky at hunting.

Founder, Thanks for the encouragement, that's exactly what the doctor has ordered. scouting is not a big option for us , if I lived out there you probably couldn't keep me out of the unit.

jims, weird question for you. Do you own a First Gen Firebird?
your questions are great, Thanks. to answer some so you know I'm trying to learn.
Knowledge of unit-- drove through it once, reading and watching for video and pics
close to unit for scouting-- NO, live over 2000 miles away
vegetation, terrain-- don't really care , I think. don't really know if it matters to me, but I can let you know post hunt, LOL
Archery season-- hope it good
hunters-- looks like about 50 in archery season
lots of elk hunter, hope that isn't a problem

thanks jims

And Coloradoman,, Thanks brother !

Yes absolutely I will take you up on the offer and it is greatly appreciated. as indicated above and on other threads I started. we are from Pa and scouting is not an option, wish it was. I have a friend in the Denver area who has offered to take a look out there for us also, thats the best we can do for now. I will Pm you and maybe we can chat

Thanks man, Bill V.

To all, anyone is more then welcome to stop by our camp when were there. I'll explain our camp later, the easy part will be the Pa tags on the vehicle.

Thanks again guys. We're in !!!! we have plenty of points to draw, we even have enough for 2nd rifle but there is 250 tags not sure that would be a good thing, trying to bowhunt with all those gun hunters

Thanks again

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