Tell me about the Lubbock area

I really like Texas, period. I like the people, I like their ideology, I like how they love their State. I like their prairie. I like there forests, I like crawfish and shrimp. I like beaches. I like big rivers. I like whitetail deer. I like cows. I like horses.

I don’t like heat. I really really hate heat. Have I mentioned I don’t like heat.
Lubbock is a great small-mid sized city. Home to Texas Tech univ., good medical facilities. Can be cold and windy in winter, Can be hot hot hot in summer. Some good waterfowl, sandhill crane and pheasant hunting in the area. Both whitetails and mulies are present as are aoudad. However most hunting is either by lease or through outfitters. Very no little public land in panhandle or in most of Texas for that matter.
My mistake you are right. Been in both cities a lot chasing girls basketball. Sometimes forget what is where!!
Not to worry Phanton, it’s in Texas, that what really matters, right.

I have a neighbor and a great friend whose daughter got her Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Husbandry in Lubbock. She loved it there.

No mountains in sight however.
Did you do something bad in a past life? Just kidding! Lubbock wouldn't be a bad place to live. It's hot and dry or come to East Texas for hot and wet.

The hunting is pretty good but it's going to be on private land. Of course New Mexico isn't very far for small game on public land.

You will be required to take a voting test prior to moving to Texas... :LOL:

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Texas Guides & Outfitters

West Texas Hunting

Private land free range hunts for native and exotic game on nearly 1 million acres in west Texas.

Urge 2 Hunt

Deer/Elk tags - DIY or guided for all species. Many guaranteed tags for trophy hunts.

Vargo Hunting

300k acres for free range auodad, mule deer, elk, whitetail and all the Texas exotics.

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