The buck I call Maynard


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This is an update post on a buck I hunted last year and never could seal the deal on, and have been following ever since.

You can go look at my other post "how big is this goat" I thought it would be cool to do a time line of pictures.

Here goes.

These first few are when I first found this buck the end of May 2020
Screenshot_20210720-235927_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20210721-000005_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20210721-000040_Samsung Internet.jpg

here he is lat June 2020
Screenshot_20210721-000111_Samsung Internet.jpg

I hunted him during archery, but he took refuge on some private and I couldn't catch him off of it.

Then while out coyote hunting in March 2021 I found him again. Notice his huge cutters but no length.

March 2021

Screenshot_20210721-000154_Samsung Internet.jpg

Then back in June 2021 I was in the area so I decided to look for him again. He looks a fair amount bigger to me this year.
Screenshot_20210721-000224_Samsung Internet.jpg

And finally I seen him again the other day. July 2021 I think he is a dang cool buck.

So here is my post to Maynard. To be honest none of the pictures really brings out the essence of how big he looks in person. He still looks big, but in person he definitely catches your eye.


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Just for fun, what do you all think he scores this year? I think alot of people was low last year, I killed a 75 inch goat and he was quite a bit larger then he was. I think he's even bigger this year. Not amazing length but he has everything else in spades.


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I'm looking forward to seeing what people guess. I'm no good at scoring goats, so I won't even try


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His length could surprise you because he hooks way back.
That hook is always deceiving. My son killed one like that and we thought he was short but went 16+.
Great PRONGhorn. I agree he's easy over 80.

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