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Like most hunters, I learned how to hunt from my father who learned from his father. We were not always successful in terms of harvesting trophy animals, but we made a lot of memories. The three photos below show my first archery buck taken around 2002, a 5x6 buck that we got with a muzzleloader around 2006, and a 4x4 that we put an arrow through in 2009.

Now, it is my turn to pass that same passion for hunting on to my children. The next generation of hunters in the Hoyt family.



In November of 2022, my oldest daughter (who we will call MM) completed hunter education. She did the online course on her own and then we sat through an extremely long in-person day together.


MM has been with me on dozens of hunts, including when I harvested my first antelope in Nevada in 2015 and my second antelope in Wyoming in 2017.



This spring, we put MM in for hunts in Colorado and Utah. We were both going to put in for Wyoming hunts, but I think we will just buy preference points this year because of the extreme winter kill situation.

We are still awaiting Utah and Colorado draw results, but our fingers are crossed that she can pull something...anything. Worst case scenario, we will get her a general season elk permit and/or maybe something off the Colorado reissue list.

As for me, I put in for deer, elk, and antelope in Colorado as well as elk (21 points) and mountain goats (19 points) in Utah. Also, I am in my second year of the dedicated hunter program. During my first year of the program, I was able to get a nice buck during muzzleloader season.


To say that MM and I are excited for this fall would be an understatement twelve years in the making.

Wish us luck!

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My daughter drew her 1st choice muzzleloader permit for general season deer in Utah. I'm going to need to work up a lighter bullet/powder combination for her than what I shoot.

I struck our on elk and mountain goats for the 22nd and 20th time, respectively. So, it looks like I'll pick up a general season elk tag and make the best of my second year of the dedicated hunter program.

We are still waiting for Colorado results.


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