The Perfect Travel Bow Case: Legend Everest Hybrid Roller


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With all of the hassles of airline travel in modern times, any accessory that helps travelers keep their possessions secure and intact is a sound investment. For the traveling archer who wants to try his or her aim at exotic locations, or simply wants to have it handy in case a chance for target practice arises, finding the right airline bow case becomes even more important.

Legend Everest Hybrid Roller Bow Case​

Visiting its official page, you might notice the all-important phrases “Airline Approved” and “TSA Lock” in its tagline. We take these matters very seriously, since complications can lead to more than just a minor annoyance. We also know that a travel bow case comes with enough of its own transport challenges. The Everest Hybrid is designed with the traveling archer in mind, with measures to handle airport requirements, but also to ensure the safe transport of your valuable archery equipment.


The phrase “airline approved” has a double meaning. On the one hand it means that the Everest Hybrid’s dimensions and form are convenient for making your way through the hectic airport scene. The phrase also means you can safely stow away your bow and accessories in a durable bow case that won’t fall apart when it’s out of your hands. It extends to the TSA locks, which are luggage locks that can only be opened by their owners, or by TSA agents. These locks eliminate the chance a non-authorized person would be able to get inside the case while it's out of your sight, whether on purpose or by accident.



The Everest Hybrid extends its travel-readiness with plenty of extra pockets for smaller items, a lightweight metallic structure with foam insides. Its design makes it easier to handle and carry, but not so much that it loses any durability. The main compartment can even fit at least two bows! For more information about the Legend Everest Hybrid Roller, visit the official page here.

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