Tiburon Island Sheldoni Mule Deer Subspecies

Hi everybody, I would like to talk a little about this SCI recognized subspecies of the mule deer.

NAME: Tiburon Island Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus sheldoni)
Tiburon Island mule deer are genetically different from those on the Sonoran mainland even though deer have been known to swim back and forth. Island animals have develop genetic differences that have been related to a different subspecies now recognized but SCI and other international organizations.
This mule deer are shorter bodied, darker capes and notable darker antlers, their antlers are usually trashier then his relative in main land, though they are usually not as wide as main land mule deer, they sometimes score same or even more because of those extra points.

They can only be found at Tiburon Island, this is an Indian reservation of the Seris Indians. No people live in this Island, making it a perfect habitat for deer to develop and grow. There's an average of 10 tags available per year which are outfitted and sold by two different organizations.

This mule deer are truly unique species which are great acquisition for any hunter, they are eye catching and unique when seen.

For more information please contact me and I'll enjoy talking about the possibilities of hunting one of this: www.dericklopezoutfitter.com

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