Traveling to GMU 55.


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Hey guys. I’m an out of stater with 6 Muley points. I’ll be applying for a tag next year and I’m looking to get my ducks in a row.

I’m very much considering flying to avoid a 22 hour drive. I have two major concerns though. The first is being able to get a 4x4 rental truck once flying in. I’m not sure if there is anyway to guarantee that. The other is just flying my rifle. I know that’s pretty common but it’s new to me.

Anyone have any helpful insight on this? I’ll likely be flying into Denver and driving to Gunnison.



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Both are simple if flying into Denver, do it every year renting a full-size truck through Enterprise or Alamo. The issue is you are likely to get tires that don't go well in mud. Will be much harder ton get a truck if flying into Gunnison, very few options there.


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Good point above on the tires. On two occasions I had friends come here and experience multiple flats on rental vehicle tires - once in an SUV and the other time a full-sized pickup. "P" rated tires just can't survive the rocky backroads.


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I've flown with guns a few times in/out of Denver. Never an issue. Just make sure you discuss the guidelines with the airline prior to getting tickets. The truck...dunno. Maybe call ahead to make sure you have a 4x4 with the right kind of tires.

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22 hours? Id just drive it, enjoy the ride, and show up with a full kit. Rather than trust the airlines.

Id be packing good tires and chains


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