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Thanks to Bad Ass Outdoor Gear we have another pack for one of you to win.
In this photo thread, let's see your Trophy Bucks on the Wall, or on a Pedestal, or however. We'd love to hear a bit about the buck too. And feel free to give a shout out to your taxidermist if you'd like. Share as many photos as you'd like as well!

You'll be in to WIN a nice daypack! Our friends at Bad Ass Outdoor Gear have got an Eberlestock Bandit to give away to one of you who contributes to the thread with a good photo or more.

We'll run the photo thread for a few weeks and then I'll randomly pick a winner. Each post with photo(s) shared will count as one entry and every 10 reactions that your post gets will get an extra entry.

Thanks to Bad Ass Outdoor Gear for donating the prizes for the contests and PLEASE everyone, when you're in the market to upgrade your gear, please shop Bad Ass Outdoor Gear and give them a chance to earn your business for good. They've got a large selection of hunting gear for you to look through.

Here's the prize that's up for grabs.

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Cool Buck! Did you have to wrestle him down to finish him off? Lol
Ha! No sir. I was fairly young. Dad would drop me off and I would walk the desert with hopes of seeing a buck. Back when tags were state wide OTC. He would pick me up on another road at sundown. I mostly killed small bucks but as a novice and meat hunter I never wore camo (a flannel shirt worked to break the pattern). Couldn’t afford it anyway. Dad was not a big game hunter, mostly small game and coyotes (for the hide $). He took me when I was 10-12 and I got my first buck. I would alway take the first legal buck I could. Not uncommon to come home empty. I was super surprised this buck let me walk 50 yds bedded and I never saw him. Happened to look over my shoulder as I crossed the arroyo to see him standing looking through the mesquite. The 243 my dad gave me dropped him one shot through the bush after he ran about 50 yds. When I got there I was gitty. Never seen a buck this big nor could I size him through the bush. Taxidermist said the buck was the biggest brought in this year and would mount for free. I had cut the throat to bleed out as dad advised without intention of mounting. I went for a euro as I still love them but she was pissed about that and offered to find a cape. I truly didn’t know any better. She didn’t charge me. I think he measured 203 or 209 i cannot remember. I still hunt the same desert archery and rifle but will never find another of this caliber. He tasted like crap. Loins and strap were awesome but the rest was very tallowy. Are him all and still love that buck
Amazing buck. The closest one is a toad. I lived in bayfield near Durango for 6 years and would see some huge boys even in my yard. My wife declared I was not allowed to take the “yard pets” had a huge 14 pt with kickers that used to watch me grill. Some beasts in southern CO. Great buck!

Just got the keys to my new house on Friday and put my 14 biggest bucks up on this wall on Sunday. Too many stories and memories to write but this wall represents many years of hunting my home state of Nevada, and Colorado. The majority of the taxidermy work was done by Travis Roundy of Glendale, Utah.
For a chance at a new pack, I'll play too. Some of y'all have killed bigger bucks than I've ever seen in the wild (aside from AI maybe)

Book Cliffs 2016 buck. Matching sheds from 2016 on a Mtn Mike's. And a cool bird I shot out of a ditch in Northern Utah in 2008. 😁


Book Cliffs 2022 buck

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