Unit 051 for Deer.


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Here it is I. Black and white



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We drew 051 for deer this year with 12 NR points. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Practice shooting at practical distances and make sure rifle is sighted in and shooting subMOA. I have not used a guide, but I have heard that it is important to bring good optics and do your absolute best to help spot game. I would talk to the outfitter and guide to make sure I knew what kind of physical and shooting abilities are expected and required. I would just focus on doing my part and let the outfitter and guide do their job.


Not to purposely drag this thread but some more advice for the OP. Understandably you are excited to have a tag in your hand, guided or not you’re curious about the location. My advice is common on most forums is when researching a topic first use the existing threads because your question may have come up many times. A few threads below this one has 15 replies about Mule deer in 051. These older threads will give you an idea of what some of the areas in the unit are about and hear past experiences from those who have hunted it. Good luck on your hunt.

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