Unit 13 youth deer.


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Headed down to try and find a buck for my daughter. Anyone heard how the hunts have been so far? Is it as dry there as it is most places? We don’t know the unit so any info anyone is willing to share is appreciated. How big of buck would you not pass on? She isn’t to picky. I do hope to get her a bigger buck than her first buck though. It was a small 3. Good luck to the rest of you!


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It sure is as dry and hot as the rest! Haven’t been there lately and don’t hunt it much for deer , but pm me and I’ll send you some pins.


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Although I have seen pictures of some good bucks there, I have only seen 1 buck in 2 separate elk hunts in that unit. That includes scouting. I am always on the look out for deer. The only buck I saw was in the mountains to East of El Malpaise.

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