Unit 2a late archery


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Hey everyone! This is my very first post on here. I have a hunt coming up in unit 2a for late archery, I had done a little scouting earlier this month and had seen some tracks but not much deer. This is my first time hunting this unit and was wondering if anyone had any advice to give me? Any advice would be much appreciated!


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If you don't get any replies, it's because on this, and other forums, people come on here hat in hand, asking for honey holes. Then evaporate. Throw out some advice for others, post some pictures, contribute, then ask for advice. This is said without malice towards you, just the best advice I can give. I do wish you the best of luck on your hunt.


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Jojola, Outdoordan’s advice is correct but do know he meant no malice. Just speaking truth.
No honey hole but look into the small area around Long Glade Canyon.
Easily found on any map of the area.
Good luck and post up after your hunt!


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They've definitely taken a lot of the upper end out the last couple years. But there are still more than forkies left at least in 2b and 2c. 2a never had the quality of the other two


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Was up there last weekend, nothing but spikes and a few forks. Even the tusks on the javelina i saw were bigger than the spikes!!! Good luck!


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Was up there last weekend, nothing but spikes and a few forks. Even the tusks on the javelina i saw were bigger than the spikes!!! Good luck!
Javelina in Northern New Mexico? Most be near that same place I seen that Unicorn chasing the flying pig across the rainbow the leprechaun was suffering with his pot of gold that the hooker was bathing in. This most be a joke..


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Not sure what the northern range of javelina is in NM, but I've seen javelina in the northern part of unit 9 and also on the Hualapai Indian Reservation in Arizona. Both times they were within a few miles of the Grand Canyon.

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