Unit 38 antelope


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Is this a decent area for a 70inch goat and is there plenty of public land. I only have 2 points and I just want to hunt


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Unit 38 has lots of antelope & many private ranches that can be accessed for relatively low Trespass Fees-- say $'75--$ 200 range. It will take some phone calls to the ranchers, their names & phone numbers can be provided by listings from Wy G & F offices in Cheyenne or Laramie usually. There is not a lot of public land in the unit based on my experience. 2 Points should get you a draw for an either sex animal permit. It is an easy good time fun hunt, but go first part of season before the antelope get wild from the hunting & before weather really turns cold & windy &'snowy -- then it's not easy or fun !! I would start my planning,NOW to find a place to hunt/a ranch. You will draw. Do NOT wait for the permit draw to happen. Ask the Game Warden/Wildlife Biologist for recommendations on the good ranches to target before calling the ranchers. They know exactly where to point you. Best of luck & Good Hunting ! A 70-75 inch buck,is very doable there-- look over lots of bucks . Long prongs, good overall mass, decent length horns , big body., A good spotting scope/binoculars are a Must Have & use.
Jerry Gold-- Fort Collins, Co--I used to live in Cheyenne, Wy
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This is all great information since I am considering applying for this same unit as well!

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