Unit 44 3rd season


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Back in the day when unit 44 3rd season was over the counter and after that it took 3 points. I never shot a big one but seen a few. Here is some pics of my friends unit 44 deer 3rd season. The top pic is of 2 monsters taken by some friends of mine. The bottom pic is of another monster that my son and I posed with. Also taken by a friend.




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I drew Unit 44 3rd Season in 2002 with three points as a NR. That year there were three non-residents that drew with three points. It required 4 points for the rest of the non-residents. During the hunt I saw 20+ bucks a day, most of them mature deer. I shot a 194" buck on the fourth day, and my cousin shot a 200" buck the day after. I have applied for that unit every year since then, and am not even close to having enough points to draw that hunt again.


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Keeping perspective, back in 2002 the point system was young so nobody had too many more points than a handful.
Too bad all of us can't go back and revisit those glory years.
In my youth guys threw away 200" racks or tacked them to a barn because they just wanted the meat...and the family hunting fun.
Boy are those days long gone!


Thanks for sharing. Yep I missed out. It goes to show you states and government is not good at management but look at the bucks that are on private ground where they manage the property well.

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