Unit 48


I was able to get a Deer tag for 48 but I never hunted there. I’ve hunted 43 for yrs but number are getting down there. I’m looking for any info on places to start or places to look at on Go Hunt maps. Thanks!
How about the border with 43 since you know 43? I take it you are a nonresident, so you may want to keep tabs on the winter the wood river drainage experiences. A LOT of snow already, subzero temps for the near future, and we are only in mid-December. That deer herd will probably take a beating this winter.
You will have to work hard to even find deer, and a decent buck will be even more difficult. I wouldn't say any one area or portion of the unit is better than the other aside from it being unlikely that many deer will be down low in the desert portion to the south. Be prepared to hike steep country and spend most of your time behind glass.
I had a question about 48. Is it true most of the trails don't allow motor bikes/ebikes after Aug 29th? I was worried about motorcycles but just saw that they have a seasonal restriction on a lot of trails. Is this new or has it always been like this?

(spare me the obligatory "Rinella boys + winterkill = no deer")
There are some trails that close just before hunting season, many/most others are open. I've seen enough in there in Oct to make me think I ought to get one... lol

Nothing worse than hiking your nuts off just to have motorcycles come ripping by your with fresh legs.

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