unit 61 1st rifle oct 16th to 20th. been researching this unit for archery but didnt want to wait any longer.


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Going to hunt oct 16th to 20th rifle for this unit. Have a few areas i.d. and going to put the boots on the ground. Has anyone hunted this area lately? Suggestions on elk movement due to drought issues, human activity. is the vegitation holding out? Planning on walking out the ridges away from the roads and glassing. Just looking for a mature bull. Killed several elk in archery and rifle, not afraid to get after it. Plan on using a side by side on the side roads then get off and hunt. Any suggestion... Thanks in advance Jerry


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My younger brother had the tag last year. Conditions were very tough and it wasn’t the walk in the park type of hunt that it sometimes can be. Finding a 300 type bull definitely took some work and the early rifle hunt does a good job of taking out the top end bulls and moving the elk around. From what I found last year was a lot of the bigger bulls bailed and went out into the desert country after the early rifle concluded. Majority of the bulls around the divide road area were younger 5 and small 6 point type bulls. There really isn’t a drainage in 61 that won’t hold elk. The southern end of the unit is very choked up with oak brush where as the north end has more open type country; Aspen pockets, timber etc..


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