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I'm getting to the age where going hunting more often is a priority, rather than waiting for years to get a Kaibab tag. Any thoughts about unit 7? I've seen some deer while scouting and hunting elk in 7 west, and according to TopRut, I could realistically draw a tag every 3-4 years.


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Hello SlowElk,
Like you, I have become too old to wait for the primo tags and I just wanted to do some rifle deer hunting. Drawing unit 7 was pretty easy (1st try), finding a "decent" buck was the challenge. My son & I hunted that unit in 2016 and we both tagged out on small deer on the last day. One forky, & one small 3 X 3. The 3 X 3 was the biggest deer we saw in five days of hunting. Far too many tags and not very many deer. Seems to be the norm just about everywhere from what I am hearing & seeing.

We hunt 7e for elk fairly often (every 3-5 years for me) and, like you, we see deer. Just not like we did back in the 70's & 80's.

Having said all that, I saw the 2nd biggest buck I have ever seen in over 50 years of hunting AZ & CO, two years ago. I was helping a friend on his archery elk hunt in 6a, when I jumped this deer from his bed. Of course, I did not have a camera handy & he was gone in a flash. My son has looked for that buck for the last 2 years and has not even seen him. I think we would have heard about it if someone has got him. That deer was that big!
So, keep the faith, keep huntin, and good luck! You never know what tomorrow is gonna bring!



A Buck from 7 I hunted for a week in 2019 but could never get it done on the archery early season. He lived in some thick trees and was mostly nocturnal. There are some good bucks in the 7's if you have the time to spend searching....

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