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I've never had a chance to hunt 84, but I hear there are some good bucks there. The private land is by far the best. The Rawlins Game Warden can likely help you get a list of places where you can line up a place to hunt. There are also a couple of good outfitters that lease some ranches in there, and I think one of them does a drop camp deal where they take some solid bucks. Some of it is open country that does not look too great, but don't over look so me of those lower, rocky draws.

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I hear they take some big bucks off of Atlantic Rim but the access is spotty. Tons of private land and outfitted heavily!!! I haven't hunted it but will be hunting south of there come Oct. Good luck, Steve


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One of the outfitters that runs hunts in the area is Gene Carrico, he used to offer trespass type hunts in the area but now only fully outfitted hunts (the last I heard) the going rate was $3500, but some huge bucks were shot last year. I have heard that there is a landowner in that zone that allows trespass type hunts, you might want to call the Rawlins warden Benj Brown for information. I hope this helps, I will be hunting near there this year for deer and in that zone for antelope.

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