Unit 97 antelope

Hi all, I will be coming up from Arizona along with a couple other non resident friends who drew the tag as well. I am just curious on what the unit is looking like as far as quality? Would anyone be able to share what expectations would be for this unit? We drew hunt type 1 starting September 19th. I have never hunted the area so am looking forward to hopefully a fun hunt with plenty of opportunity and to see some different country. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


No shortage of goats. I killed a good one about 6 years ago.. everything since then has been respectable but nothing to write home about. You can find em pretty much anywhere, it's really not hard. On both public and private. There's some walk-ins you could prob get a good one on if you're there opener. I'm always back there after opener and trying to look in places others haven't.

If you don't mind me asking, how'd you land on this unit? As I'm sure you know, the tag is 97/117 but 117 is comprised almost entirely if the Wind River Res and inaccessible. 97 has some public land but a lot of private. I know for a fact some of the ranchers will try to run you off public ground out there. Make sure your GPS is up to date. Some of the area that was Walk in last year dropped out of that program.

I'll also be be back there this year but last couple days of Sept and into Oct.
Thank you very much for the reply. A hunting partner in our group had hunted the area about 5 years ago and had a great time, so he insisted on going back to the same unit. I do have OnX maps on my phone as I do see that a lot of it is private limiting access. We had 4 points to draw it which seemed like the point creep was definitely affecting even this unit which does not seem like a very sought after unit, but maybe I am wrong, I guess we will see. I am still excited and hopefully we can find some respectable bucks and maybe something special could still be around.


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Look up the walk in access program. There are some in 97/117. My family lives in Riverton, at the heart of 97. I've killed a lot of antelope and deer there.

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