Utah Dove Opener


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The hunt opens on Monday the 2nd. I happen to have Monday and Tuesday off. I really miss the "good old days" hunting local areas near the south end of Salt Lake County. Haven't found a honey hole that is even close to those days after school. I'm looking to spend the day or even over night. Anyone have any info they are willing to share or even better to meet up and have a shoot? Can't wait to break out the shotgun!!!

Good luck everyone on there bird hunts this year!



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We open Sept first out here.
We have tons of them this year, Lots of Euro.

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Only a week away!! i didn't dray any big game tags this year, so i'm hoping to scare a few birds. Maybe it'll get the fire burning with the birds I once loved to chase!! Good luck Gator with your pheasant hunts this year!



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Gator and Mutley, you two will be sharing a camp in Arizona this February...

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