Utah Draw Results!


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No, not here yet, but I can tell people are getting antsy to see what luck they've got going on. My 2 points for sheep have got to be enough, right? I'm in for elk too.
Who's been checking their CC everyday?

Here's a little something for those who don't draw. This buck was living in one of the easiest areas to draw a tag for. He's long gone, but even the tags with the least demand can be a prize. :D



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I am not feeling it this go round. Utah seems to always find a way to deny me a tag unless they are forced to by max points.

Best of luck to everybody.


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No hits for me. I can only assume that means the charges were so high for all the tags I drew, I'll have to refinance the house to pay for them....
I’m right there with ya man. I still have hope though. Best of luck to ya. The good news is that interest rates are super low right now.


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Should be a fun year.... There's an $800 pending charge to Utah Buck Permits in my CC account, which means that either I'll be hunting limited archery elk, or one of my three boys will be hunting limited rifle elk.


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I wanted to get on here and make some "enemies" by saying that my 16 year old drew a desert bighorn the year after drawing a rocky mountain bighorn but it didn't happen. Just 2 general deer tags for my boys this year, at least they are rifle tags so they can hunt archery, muzzleloader, and early/late rifle.


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Congrats to all. 2 deer hits for me. Should be me muzzleloader and sons fiance archery. 3 sons are going to be bummed.

No luck on needle in hay stack on limited or OIL tags.


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New to this whole process. I have a charge on my CC but I'm wondering when we find out specifics of the tag. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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23 for deer, and 20 for moose, but looks like I'm 0 for this year again.
The wife is heading to the garden shop tho, so I should at least have a major hit!!!
Sorry Blank. But if I know you, you will scratch out a tag or two to work with this fall :)


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Me or my wife got hit for LE muzzy Nebo elk. I suspect it’s me, only had 3 points, but I should have pulled an archery mtn goat tag but haven’t been hit yet.... so with the drawing order I think it’s my tag. But kinda hope it’s actually hers. Either way it’ll be fun.


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No hits for me. That is good. I can finance several hunting trips to Wyoming with my son and his family with the money I saved on the tag that I applied for plus the cost of the "guaranteed to be poor" hunt I would have had in Utah.


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Zip-O so far for me and my whole clan!
Not even a general deer tag in the bag as of right now.
It can't be over, can it? LOL

No emails have been received, so you're saying there's a chance!



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Last week some scumbag 🖕🏿stole my credit card#... DWR will not let me update my new # until the 20th...


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I drew an early rifle deer tag but it's not in a unit I can chase general season bulls. So I think I'll do the general season muzzy elk this year.


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SUCCESSFUL: Limited Entry Archery Buck Deer

Hunt: Book Cliffs
Weapon: Archery
Your season date(s): Aug 15 - Sept 11, 2020



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4 unsuccessful's for my daughter. 3 unsuccessful's for me. Third year in a row without a general deer tag. :(


Got tired of chasing the Pauns and Henry's with the ever-lasting point creep.
Not a bad plan, I always say more time in the field can produce. I would take a multi season tag in a good unit over a short time frame in a great unit. Plus there were some great bucks roaming the books last year that made it through.

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