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Hi all:

I know that UTVs are not considered "hunting gear" by many here but please bear with me. I'm researching UTVs and would love your input about how they stack up against one another. I'm hoping to pick up a couple of them (2 seaters) for summer trail riding in the Utah mountains.

My primary criteria:
* Reliable
* Reliable
* Quiet
* Smooth ride
* Comfortable seats for old bones

A couple of specific questions:

Are the 700/800 sized machines sufficient powered for normal trail riding?

Are the 50" machines stable enough for beginner/intermediate drivers?

Which brands/models have had the most issues (recalls, bad motors, bad drive trains, etc.)?

Which brands/models have you found to be the most reliable?

Is one brand/model quieter than another (I strongly value quietness - why be in the mountains if you have to wear hearing protection)?

Do the "sport" models have significantly better ride quality than "utility" models?

Any comments about ease of maintenance, must-have accessories, good tire brands, etc appreciated.

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