Vernon Deer Tag Draw Opportunity


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Wanted to let you all know that the application period for 5 Vernon Deer Tags is open. Here's another chance to throw your name into another draw for a good deer tag. I'd like to have one of these tags. It's a pretty good unit that produces a few real slugs every year.

I'll be tossing in a few bucks for my chances, what about you? You going to take advantage of this opportunity?

Apply Here for Vernon Deer Tags!

Some Details:
  • $10 per hunt application. Each applicant may apply for all 5 vouchers.
  • Vouchers are completely transferable. Each applicant eligible to draw any and all vouchers they apply for.
  • No age limitations to apply.
  • Hunter may choose type of weapon - archery, rifle or muzzleloader. Dates are determined by the type of weapon selected. A hunting license and/or hunters safety is NOT required to apply. However, a current license is required to actually hunt.
  • Hunter is responsible for associated permit fees paid to the state of Utah when turning in voucher to obtain permit. Resident $80; Non-resident $468.
  • Hunters with current mule deer tags may still apply.


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