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Small Arms of The World --12th Edition By Edward C. Ezell is the definitive manual and reference work for small arms produced by every country in the world - Rifles, handguns and much more. Published in 1983 by Stackpole Books, the 894 pg. volume measures 9"x 11" and contains hundreds of illustrations.

My copy from the first printing of this edition is in like new, unread condition except for a couple small tears in the dust jacket from 40 years of shelf time. The original retail was $49.95

I will consider reasonable offers but no trades. Payment via PayPal (buyer doesn't need an acct; just a CC or checking acct.) or cash only if picked up near 67th Ave. & Camelback in Glendale, AZ. SHIPPING at buyer's expense.




Edward C. Ezell (deceased) update of W.H.B. Smith's classic work. As the Curator of Small Arms for the Smithsonian Institute, Dr. Ezell was this nation's foremost authority on small arms.The book is organized by nations and one may find several entries for the same firearm (the Mauser 98 or FN-FAL are good examples). Dr. Ezell preserved W.H.B. Smith's format of discussing the historical development of the particular firearm, the functioning of its parts, operating it and naturally, basic field stripping and reassembly. Unfortunately and probably because of space and cost, Smith's first chapter covering early firearm development was deleted and Dr. Ezell substitutes it with his update on submachine guns, handguns, rifles & carbines, machine guns and special purpose weapons (sniper rifles and suppressed weaponry). The final chapters discuss various ammunition and sporting firearms (mostly American). It is no empty boast that the jacket proclaims the book as, "An Encylcopedia of Global Weapons" and for a strictly budgeted reader, this is the ONE book to have. While this book won't make you an expert on the Garand, Mauser 98 or Lee-Enfield, but you'll know how to operate, disassemble and reassemble every one of them by the time you finish this book. Since being published in 1983, many newer firearms have been developed both here and abroad. Unfortunatley no substitute for Dr. Ezell has stepped forward to update this work.

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