Wall tent suggestions.


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I am looking to upgrade my tent size. Looking to house 3 hunters and gear.
Should I go 14x16 or 12x14 with a cook shack/porch?
The 14x16 would be big enough to do most cooking indoors if weather is poor.
What say you?


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14x16 with a fly out front for nice weather you can sit under it.
Can't go wrong with a good tent. Get a GOOD wood stove and have a backup propane stove for heat, light and cooking.


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14 by 16
With 3 people on cots. Still have plenty of room for a table and a coupe chairs and stove
I have a 12by12 that I use for trips when no stove is needed or taking the girls shed hunting and need the stove for those cold spring night temps. Sets up easily with 1 person.
Use the 14x16 for 4-5 people and a stove still plenty of room to get around and not feel cluttered. Definitely takes a couple of guys to setup the bigger tents. Then I use my smaller tent for the cook shack. Nice to have a setup for the kitchen to stay out of the wind and be comfy.
A 12by12 is about 1/3-1/2 the room of a 14by16 when setup. It’s crazy how much more roomy the 14x16 is.
Also it’s crazy how well these do in high winds and heavy snow! I’d go with my tents over my fifth wheel any day.





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I have a 12x14 Montana wall tent and recently we stayed a few days in it on hunt. We had four adults in their with gear and a small table. It was comfortable but you would not want more than four adults and if the weather was bad and staying longer than we did four adults probably would have been too much.
Think about how much time you are going to spend in the tent.


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Hmm… I just bought a Kodiak 12’x12’ for an upcoming Henry’s hunt. I was thinking it would be pretty big I hope it doesn’t feel cramped. We are going to set it up this morning for the first time. I looked at the Bell tents but went this route instead.

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