Wasatch Muzzy Bull Found


I found a decent expired bull yesterday that I suspect was shot by a muzzleloader hunter up in the current creek area. Happy to get this bull into the hands of the rightful owner. Shoot me a PM if you hit one up there but lost him.


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Hope The Guy that Shot it Punched His Tag and Hopefully Not on a 2nd Bull!

Hope You can Get the Bull Back to the Permit Holder!

Did You Notify the DWR?

I know so many people in so many places
They make allot of money but they got sad faces

It Ain't Easy being Me!:D:D:D


Elkassassin, you'll be happy to know that 5 people hit me up thinking it could have been their bull... every one I have texted with spent the remainder of the hunt looking for the bull they hit and did not pursue another . There?s a bunch of good dudes out there still!


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>Elkassassin, you'll be happy to know
>that 5 people hit me
>up thinking it could have
>been their bull... every one
>I have texted with spent
>the remainder of the hunt
>looking for the bull they
>hit and did not pursue
>another . There?s a bunch
>of good dudes out there

Glad to hear that & Thanks for letting us know!

I Know of a couple Hunters here locally that Hit & Lost Bulls as well & they basically Notched their Tags!

Hopefully a few more of the Bulls will be found and at least get their Racks returned/Recovered!

It's a Sad Bad Deal!

But if You Hunt Long enough it'll happen to all of us!

Thanks for doing the Right Thing by Trying to Locate the Hunter that Lost the Bull!

I know so many people in so many places
They make allot of money but they got sad faces

It Ain't Easy being Me!:D:D:D


Where was the bull hit? I'm just wondering how long of a shot it was.. They need to get rid of letting people hunt with scopes on the muzzeloader. People are taking ridiculous long shots with muzzleloaders when you should be doing it the right way by grounding and pounding.


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>Where was the bull hit? I'm
>just wondering how long of
>a shot it was.. They
>need to get rid
>of letting people hunt with
>scopes on the muzzeloader. People
>are taking ridiculous long shots
>with muzzleloaders when you should
>be doing it the right
>way by grounding and pounding.

I couldn't agree more about scoped muzzle loaders. But what about rifle and archery hunters? Where do we draw the line on restricting equipment when we already know that we can't fix stupid? Technology advances inevitably result in limits being pushed. It's not just muzzy guys pushing it either.


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Agree with Shadow. It is hunting ethics that need to be used.

Just because a bow can shoot 100 plus yards, a muzzleloader 400 plus and a rifle a mile, does not make it ethical or right.

Use your hunting skills and get as close as you can and not worry about your ego on yardage.

$hit happens even up close, but we need to use our heads and make the percentages in our favor on a clean/ethical kill.

Ya, a scoped muzzleloader can hit a tennis ball at a 100 yards, where a red dot is lucky to hit a 12 inch target, due to the red dot all but covering it.

Makes for a better shot placement for a high percentage kill, but does not mean you should be shooting a muzzleloader out several hundred yards.

He11, most shooting long range with a rifle wont walk 1200-1500 yards, which is a couple canyons/ridges or more to see if they drew blood if the animal didn't tip over.



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Amen. I will wager if we had a front row seat watching our long dead ancestors hunt mammoths, some joker would he saying he could kill one at 500 yards with his Atalatel. Humans are one of the stupidest animals on this planet. And sadly, lots of ?hunters? are severely lacking in ethics and common sense.


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5 people replied? How many wasatch muzzy tags were issued? How many people with the tags read MM. And how the HEII many muzzy hunters lost a wounded Bull on this single unit? Good God. This unit has drastically declined over the last 10 years. WAY WAY to many tags issued. For Bulls and Cows. Iv heard many people on this site complain about the over hunting of Elk on the Wasatch. And im dumb founded that nobody said a thing about a waisted bull, and 5 people that might have killed it. I sure hope that 1 of the 5 was the person, and there were no more than the other 4 who shot and lost a bull. But if 5 were on this site, sadly id bet there were alot more.
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