washington drop camp mule deer



thinking about it next year...any input???
looking to see some new country and expand my current hunting experiences.


Hey Jack, check your email. Wife and I are doing drop next year too, but I'm keeping and eye on the snow. Could be a tough winter for the deer. If you want huge country go to Pasayten. I've heard of some monster bucks in the Wenaha Tucannon Wilderness in the Blue Mountains also, that's some of my favorite country. If your in to bear, take a tag along, as you'll likely see one. Glacier Peak and Alpine Lakes are probably hunted the hardest, if your not in to seeing other people. Another good option is the Salmo-Priest right on the Idaho Border for muleys up high. Rent or buy a satellite phone to take in case you have any issues, real handy.


Check out Sawtooth Outfitters up outta Chelan and Methow. They are in good country....


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Lots of good advice already given, go to the Washington Outfitter home page, there is a list of them there. Decide what area you want to hunt and then find the outfitter that takes people into that country. Good luck.


R U the same Ridgerunner that's been in F and H news? Just remember seeing that name in there w/ high buck photos.


If you are looking into the Methow at all (Pasyaten) (Sawtooth)etc, check to see where you want to go and find out who has that area as a guide service. You can ask me if you want, I probably know, and won't be homing in on you. I know most of the outfitters in the region. I grew up with most of them or their kids. Let me know if you want any help? You know my e-mail I think, or PM me, I'll get back to you sooner or later. ; )

are you after High hunt or regular season???

Did you have any chance to get out with the camera?


Ridgerunner's suggestion is a good starting point. www.woga.org will get you to all of the State's most professional outfitters. Happy Hunting.

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