We got "SMACKED"


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LAST EDITED ON May-20-11 AT 10:23PM (MST)[p]I have a $75 dollar hit on my card and it just cleared today!

I figured I had a 7 or 8% chance at a Book Cliffs Deer Muzz tag. I had been telling everybody that I drew. Then, I realized that my wife applied for a Book Cliffs Deer rifle tag with 0 points! She has about a 1% chance to draw!

Regardless, one of us got lucky! I am looking forward to seeing that country for the first time!!!


Just like always!

Somebody in the woodruff bunch draws every year!

How much money did you send Amy?:D

You make it out this way today woodruff?

For GAWDS Sakes Guys,We Got Kids on this Site,Some of them are 65 years Old!:D

I don't care if they're big or small!
If they throw lead I like em all!


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Yeah, I keep thinking we will run out of luck! I guess we haven't- yet. I sure hope you finally get that elk tag.
Didn't send much cash Amy's way; sounds like it won't work lol..

I was up in the Basin this morning! I even talked JR. into going! It was a looong drive. We still need to meet up so I can give you some oryx steaks!! They are pretty good eating!!

Let me know when you are heady to Salt Lake and I will meet you in Heber!


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Thanks, I just confirmed through my "Draw History/Eligibility" that I drew. Are you up for a scouting trip this summer??

RMan: How did that spring bear hunt go? I didn't make it this year, but can't wait to hit it next year!

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