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What Camo should I buy?


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I'm normally a rifle hunter so I have never worried much about camo. This year I drew a Unit 30 Wyoming elk tag and have the opprotunity to hunt the unit with a bow the whole month of September (havn't picked a bow up in about 20 years so it should be interesting).

Anyway, the unit I will be hunting consists mostly of prairie (sage, grass etc...) but it also has some cedars, aspen and I think one pine tree. Anyone out there have a suggestion of a all-around camo pattern that would work well in Wyoming and maybe work just as well when I return to Utah and hunt the oak brush, aspen, pine areas?



I use Predator and love it. It blends everywhere, even in open sage country. The large pattern and the use of off-white colors helps it blend well. In the type of terrain you're describing (aspens & sage) and time of year, either the Spring Green or Fall Brown should work. Here's a link to their webpage for the different colors and styles. www.predatorcamo.com Good luck this year.

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Take a look at the Natural Gear. They now make an evergreen pattern. Only problem is is it is not as quiet as some of the other materials on the market. You might also want to look at the Cabela's seclusion 3D outfitter camo. It is a good blend and you can get it in a material that is pretty quiet and doesn't pick up burrs. I picked some up in the silent weave blend and I am pretty impressed with it. My .02 worth.


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Whatever pattarn looks pretty decent and is on sale. Really don't think that it matters that much as long as you have a pattarn to break up your outline


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I'd say to stay with the open patterns like Natural Gear, Outfitter and Predator mentioned earlier. Also, look for the ones with the lighter background colors. In my opinion, a lot of the more popular camo patterns are too dark for western hunting unless you hunt primarily in the dark timber. They work fine when you're in a tree stand somewhere back east because your background is dark, but in sage, you need a light base color.

Others to consider might be Cabela's new Seclusion 3d open country, King's desert shadow, prairie ghost, and faded sage. The problem I find with some of the more specialized western camo patterns is that they are offered mostly in cotton materials, which I wouldn't choose to wear in the mountains.

Good luck,



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This is what I recommend and why--


This is mostly due to the way animals see and what they see. Remember they don't see color so that really isn't important. Secondaly, they don't see detail like you and I. What this means is that camo with a fine detailed patter will be lost at yardages at 30 yds and over. The next time you see someone in camo from a distance look real close if it seems like they are just wearing a regular shirt and/or pants, it is likely they have some camo patter that is very detailed. The detailed patters are just simply lost--they look real cool and everything but from a standpoint of being camo'ed and being kept hidden from your prey--it is useless. Look at the big cats--they have big stipes or spots even fawns and claves use this as well.

What you need to look for is something that has contrast, and large patterns. I think predator offers this like non other. You need something to break you up not something that looks cool.

my two cents...



try faded sage or prairie ghost both work well in the above places

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