What is different between AZ second and third seasons?


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I'm debating applying for a 2nd or 3rd season Coues hunt in southeastern AZ. Dates are early Nov vs end of Nov but it appears that in past years the success rate has been higher on the 2nd season hunt. I suspect there is no rut activity during either of these seasons.

Is there an advantage to the 3rd season that I'm not considering (draw odds are slightly better so I suspect other hunters view 3rd season more favorably).


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The issues with the earlier hunt dates are that the animals are tougher to find, sometimes they are bunched together and they're buried in the brush and shade, and less visible when they are not actively rutting and roaming around. The units I have hunted in Oct and Nov have been more focused on water holes or watching trails into and out of canyon areas. One Oct hunt I saw lots of does, but never saw a buck the entire season.

Sounds like you have been looking at the draw odds, but you need to check the harvest data also. Some of the success rates on the early hunts are dismal. Balance your wants/wishes with the expected success.


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Pressure vs weather. Earlier hunts the deer are not as pressured yet but the weather can be hot, deer will bed earlier. On the later hunts the weather is much better but the deer have seen weeks of hard hunting.

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