What is the earliest and latest you've seen a buck shed.


Have seen a Mature buck shed Both January 15th. Seen a younger buck drop one side January 4th and still have the other side till April 10th. Seen a few bucks both sides in mid April.
I saw 7 bucks (Whitetails) together the third week in April in GA with BOTH sides of their antlers. Lots of coyotes around here. They say that makes a difference. Not sure how true that is.
My buddy and I picked up some nice whitetail sheds out in eastern co while duck hunting that dropped it was 14 Jan.
Earliest fresh shed was on December 14. It was laying in the middle of a old road that doesn't get drove much. Pretty decent horn too. 130ish Whitetail.

Saw a nice whitetail still carrying both sides in mid April one year. He was also a decent buck in the 130 - 140 class. Again a whitetail.

Funny thing about him was his horns were very light colored. Almost bleached out looking like drops sometimes get but he was still carrying them. Spent time hunting him and/or his sheds the next couple years in archery season and Springtime but never saw him or his horns again.
There’s deer in Utah right now that have been shed for over a week. Mid February is the earliest I’ve seen elk shed
Latest I’ve see was on the Wyoming winter range and a buck was packing 1 side may 3rd. Me and a couple buddies were shocked to see that. Earliest I’ve seen a deer shed was late January. We watched him drop both sides sparring with another buck.
Earliest was a buck in Wyoming on December 26th. When we first saw him we figured his already shed side was broken. And then he shed the 2nd side while we were watching. The latest I did not see but a friend did. That was also in Wyoming on May 3rd.
I have a set of freak sheds off a buck that shed in early December in Wyo. Then shed hunting Wyo the 2nd weekend in May we saw a mid 170's normal looking buck still packing both sides, no velvet.
Years ago a friend of mine killed a P&Y buck in a late archery season just prior to Christmas. As him and another friend were dragging the buck out one of the horns pulled off the bucks head making it officially un- scorable for the record book. Don't know as he cared much about that part but it did make it a little more difficult to mount them on the wall.
December for deer. Seen elk on May 1 still packing. Group of 5-6 bulls; half still hard-horned, and the other half already had 6 pt racks!
There are always the anomalies. Here is one of mine. Back on Halloween of 2018 while looking at deer I noticed a white faced deer. Confident it was a buck I put my spotter on him only to find he had no antlers. I've found sheds on the particular hillside before so after he left I went hiking. Low and behold a brown 4 point shed.

I'm fairly confident I shot the same buck the following year. I didn't realize it until I walked up on him. I was a little nervous about grabbing his antlers.

About mid may was the latest I saw an elk packing. He was a 330 type 6 point at around 10k feet.
Last year I was out looking for sheds on May 5/6 and wasnt finding much, later in the day I came upon a bachelor group of a dozen or so bulls and only 1 had shed, the remaining 10 or 11 spikes and rags were still packing both sides, they crossed in front of me single file at 100yards. Most annoying part was I went back a week later and could not find ONE single shed from any of them.
In the local herd near my house on the Beaver unit in Utah there is a hornless gean that has been there for years.

There is a huge hornless Buck there now. He was in charge of things during the rut. Very aggressive bugger.

Studies are starting to show that evolution happens a lot faster than science first believed.

Probably the first sighns of evolving to deal with trophy hunting.
For mule deer earliest I have seen is early January, latest I've seen a bigger heavy older mature buck in the bookcliffs unit still packing around mid May. Also seen a few years ago someone shot a buck out there on the rifle hunt end of October and both his antlers popped off when he fell.

My dad killed a little two point when I was a kid that both his came off while dragging him to the truck as well.

For elk... earliest is probably mid February, and latest would be mid May.

Seen a very large bull with only one side around February 1st, but couldn't make out if he had dropped a side, or if he just never grew one on that side, he was a long ways off looking through the spotter, I was fairly confident he hadn't just busted it off, but couldn't 100% tell if he had a pedical on that side. If you doubled his side he had, he would have probably been in the 370+ class. I scoured the area for a shed after they moved off but never found anything.

I do know a guy that killed a one horned bull that didn't Even have a pedical for another antler, so it's not out of the question that is what I seen as well.
Nov 3 while on the general muzzleloader elk season. This was 2018.

Saw a buck fully shed today and a spike with 1 side. Get after em bois!

I’ve already seen 3 different trucks of guys walking around looking for the town bucks sheds today. A total of 1 has dropped in that area so far. 2x3. Bunch of clowns 😂

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