Where are all the Colorado deer?


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So, I am just having bad luck or are all the good bucks in Colorado disappearing? I went to a spot I normally see hundreds of deer and a real good buck or 2 and this year I didn't see a single deer let alone a buck. It just doesn't seem as good as it has been the last few years. Whats going on?



Have you not heard me say Colorado is down as well as TARDville?

A couple of Harsh Winters & some over Hunting & some 4th Season Rut Hunts & what do we have left?

Colorado will cut Tags or be in the same shape as Utah!

What amazes me is the Colorado Game & Fish are acting like they don't know what's going on!

They know exactly what's goin down & they best pull their heads out!

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LAST EDITED ON Dec-20-11 AT 08:24AM (MST)[p]Yeah the herd numbers are down no big new item but what is unusual is the migrating herd hasn't migrated nor herded up due to the mild winter we are having yet. Deer are really scattered. Otherwise Utah came over and stole there deer back that we stole from them.

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They need more opportunity, more Doe hunts! j/k


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