Where to Buy OTC Archery Tag after start of season?


So I'm taking a last-minute(ish) trip for OTC archery in CO and I procrastinated on buying the tag before the start of season and when I saw the warning online that it was going to take up to 21 business days for the mail I just figured I would buy the tag once I got to Colorado. But I rewatched a couple of FreshTracks & Elk 101 episodes on Colorado and they were saying that once the season starts you have to buy the tag at a P&W office. But on the P&W website it says I can buy it at any license dealer (Walmart, gas-station, etc.). Can anyone confirm for a non-resident OTC Elk tag if I have to buy it at an actual P&W office or can I buy it at any vendor after the start of the season (This Friday to be specific)? I would hate to show up to Walmart after the close of business on a Friday and have to wait until business hours on Monday because I didn't plan accordingly. Thanks in advance!


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The time you spent watching youtube and typing this thread you could have called the authorities on this lmfao

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