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Hello , I'm from New Mexico and have taken every species here except bighorn and ibex ( can't draw a tag)
I'm interested in hunting White tail in Oklahoma,West Texas , or Kansas. I'm not looking for a trophy necessarily , just a good hunt experience. I don't want a guided hunt or fancy lodging, just more of a farm or ranch I can hunt on for a reasonable price and a decent chance to harvest a buck.
Anyone know of any places might accommodate this ?
Thank you!


I have Hunted Kansas and the early season Muzzle loader season has done well for me. A good friend of mine owned property there and he invited me there to hunt deer. One year I was able to shoot the biggest Muzzle loader Deer harvested that year. Great time and plenty of deer. He passed away a few years ago and haven't hunted there since, but it would be worth looking into. There is plenty of Public land to hunt there and the pressure is low in early season. If you head that way early in the year, you may be able to talk to some land owners and get access.

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