Whitetail area thanksgiving?


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So I told my son I drew the MT. General deer tag and since he is 10 he can do the mentor with me. I originally started researching for mule deer, and have some areas we were going to head, but he found youtube and watched Randy Newberg hunting White tails in MT. So he is set that he wants to hunt white tails.

Size is not important, but access to public lands are...

Any one willing to help us sort out public land white tails????


Request a block management map from MT FWP online. There are several giant participants in north central, north east, and eastern MT. I realize you said public lands, find the block managent areas that have sizable public tracts bordering and hunt there. The private is not managed as to harbor animals, everyone thinks the private is the best hunting thus displacing onto adjoining public. Food for thought.

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