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It's a little late to start my HAC but why not have some fun! Better late than never right?! So far 2013 has been pretty good to me! It has been very spontaneous. I can't really think of a better way to describe it than that! It started out with LOTS of shed hunting! Every chance I got I was out in the hills pickin up sheds! I think I ended the season with somewhere around 65 antlers! Here's some pictures:















At the beggining of the year I was In the middle of filling out my mission papers. I had this awesome plan to hunt on the archery hunt, then leave in the beggining september, then come home in 2 years and have either the muzz or rifle hunt and only miss one year of hunting! Well, I had a kidney stone back in 2011 and ever since I just had this lingering pain. I went in for my mission physical and told the doctor about it and he wanted to look into it a little further. He sent me to some specialist and they did a few tests and determined that I had another stone that wasn't very big but it just didn't want to move so they scheduled a day for me to go in and do a lithotripsy treatment and get that thing out of there. The day rolled around and I was sittin in the bed ready to go and the doctor came in and told us that there was a bunch of stuff out of whack and they would have to do a few surgeries to get it taken care of. Well.. Crap!!! There goes my plan! Once we got those surgeries taken care of and out of the way the doctors FINALLY gave me the ok to submit my papers and I was called to the Mexico, Mexico City Chalco mission and I leave on December 11!!
Well now that I got my call and I'm not leaving until December, may as well get some over the counter tags! I got one of the late season turkey tags which I was able to fill with my first turkey ever! It was just a little jake but it was sure a ton of fun! I went up mainly to look for deer but since I had the tag I figured I may as well pack my shot gun with me! I was coming down the bottom of a draw and I heard something running in front of me and when I looked I was surprised to see 2 jakes runnin across the draw. I drew a bead on one of them and touched one off and that was that!


Time passed and I bought an over the counter archery deer tag for the box elder unit.. I figured since antelope island was in this unit I would just hunt there! ;) Totally kidding! I know nothing about this unit so I am waiting for the extended to open up so I can get into some areas that I know.

I also bought an archery spike tag with which I was lucky enough to fill with a big old cow on august 24! That was my first elk ever and although it was a cow, I couldn't be happier! Here is the link to some pictures and a story on that!

Sorry for such a long first post! I had some catching up to do! Stay tuned, there will be more to come!


This past weekend my buddy and I packed in a few miles to try our luck on one of the extended units. We went into an area that neither of us had ever been. It was mostly just a trip to explore and find some new country. We saw quite a few bucks just nothing that we wanted to bring home. We had tons of fun and got into some really cool new country that I look forward to going back to in the future. Here are some pictures from along the way.










I got the chance to go out on the general season muzzle loader hunt with my brother this past weekend. We had a great time! We hiked up on tuesday about 3 miles with a 3,000 foot elevation climb. My brother went up tuesday morning but I had to work so I couldn't go up until after. I arrived to camp that he had set up on a big terrace right as it was getting dark. He had gone over to the canyon that we planned to hunt just to glass and see what was hangin out in it and he saw a few nice bucks so we were excited!
The next morning, 6:00 came early! And we fell back to sleep!!! Luckily my brother had set another alarm for 6:30 and we made sure we got up then! We rolled out of bed and headed over to the canyon we were gonna hunt and arrived there right at shooting light. We decided we wanted to head up and glass from some rocks that were about 20 yards above us. Right as we turned to head up there I spotted a doe about 50 yards away. She was staring at something behind the rocks we were headed to and every now and then she would glance at us then just stare right behind those rocks. We decided to just wait for her to mozy off and not spook everything else in the canyon. As we were waiting I looked up and about 50 yards behind the rocks I saw a deer standing there and I could tell by the body size and the face that it was a buck. My first thought was that it was a 2x3 that he had seen the night before. I pulled up my binos and saw that it was a pretty decent buck. I told my brother it was about 18" wide and if he wanted to shoot it then he better hurry and get his gun off of his pack. He decided to take it and we started scramblin to get his gun off and get him in position and the deer took off across the canyon. As he turned I saw that he was a 3x4 so I told Justin what he was and he said yeah I want him! By now he was on the other side of the canyon about 130 yards and I gave him a whistle and he stopped on a dime. Justin lined up and let him have it! He hit him high in the shoulder and the buck dropped in his tracks and rolled about 150 yards down the hill. (Luckily he didn't break his antlers!!) It was so much fun and a memory that I will never forget!
I went out with my dad for the rest of the weekend and we couldn't quite get close enough to any shooters. He passed a lot of little bucks and saw a few good bucks but just couldn't get close enough to those ones!
Some of you will probably recognize the area we are in. It's definitely no secret spot!









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