Will he break 30”?


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He is a big bodied deer, that's for sure!
I would guess 29.5". He is about identical in width to this one you found back in 2016.



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Sweet find! Those brick shithouse bucks are deceiving. Probably 24”+ ears and hes still flaring out on his left and growing a cheater on the right. I don’t doubt he’ll be 30+.

He’s a toad in my book. Ide be planning my hunt around him.


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Close to 30, and 6 miles in would have me scratching my head, and certainly cooling off the trigger finger if solo.


I like to not think about the pack out until he’s down which puts me in some pretty bad situations! I think he’ll be just shy of 30 but he might make it


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6 miles?! Think I'd want to have a little help with that one. He's a tank! 30? Maybe, maybe not, but I'm shootin.


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If his right G3 lays way out and you measure him diagonally, he might make 30. But who cares. And sure, you shoot them where they are. If you like him, try for him. I'd probably try for him.


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Not gonna be 30 if you ask me. But big deer for sure. I would probably shoot him if there were no reasonable chance at a better buck. But first couple days....pass.


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He isn't going to get to 30 on his front side (main beam or G4), but man it will be close on his G2s in the back, he flares wide on the one with the single side and his other G2 is going to continue to grow outward as well. I think he will end up over 29, but not quite 30. I am going with 29.5.


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This buck just looks big all over, body and ears. Looking at the mass and the size of the deer I think he will crack it. Would be nice to see him next to another deer just for reference cause I’ve been fooled both ways by different size’s of deer.

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