For Sale Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather 270 WSM


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Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather 270 WSM. This model includes a factory Bell and Carlson stock and stainless fluted barrel. I bought this rifle new in 2011 and it was used as my primary hunting rifle for about 5 years. The most accurate round I have found for it is the cheap Federal blue box 130 grain ammunition. It is capable of 1/2 moa with this ammo (see target pic). Some slight wear from being hunted, but gun is overall in great condition and has never been abused. Unsure of round count but certainly less than 200. Price for bare rifle is $850.

Listed price is for rifle only, but can include scope for an additional $250. Scope is a Leupold 3.5-10×40 VX-3 scope with a Boone and Crockett reticle.

This is one of the BACO South Carolina rifles, that are some of the best rifles that Winchester has ever produced. They only manufactured in South Carolina for a few short years. I have loved this rifle and I’m certain I will regret selling it, but I’ve got to many guns and another custom rifle on the way. Located in Northern Utah.
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