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Welcome back Hardway!! Dad gave detention to some of the crew with a few others deciding to take break after being encouraged by dad to take a pause without him giving a chit.


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Yeah, no hunting stories currently to lie about or exaggerate about and there definitely seems to be a funk around. Also, it seems lately every time I turn around someone is trying to take away my 2nd amendment rights, or tell me I'm a racist because I believe in equality, or that I must believe something because it's popular in certain circles.

My parents, hard-working, legal immigrants, must have done things the wrong way (work hard, pay taxes, follow the law, be good and present parents, etc.), you know, dumb things like that.

I must rethink my strategy--seems like I can have a whole lot just by whining and complaining and accusing people of stuff, whether true or not. Oh, oh, oh, the "get out of jail" cards seem to fit my outward demographic too! Those cards should come in handy...


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I think I'll head to Cancun......
I just got here yesterday. Come on by for a margarita.


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