WTT 300 Weatherby for 270 or 6.5 CM


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I have started gifting my rifles to my sons but this one is a bit too much caliber for them. Thought I would float doing a trade with someone that is looking for a magnum rifle.
I would like to trade for a comparably valued rifle and scope in 270 Win or 6.5 CM (these are calibers I already reload for).
I purchased the rifle I'm trading in 2006. It went on three hunts that year, one hunt to Namibia in 2008, then a moose hunt in 2016.
It is a weatherby vanguard in 300 weatherby magnum, 24" barrel, weatherby composite stock, and a Leupold Vari-x 2 3x9x40 scope.
Shows some rubbing on bluing and stock from the hunts mentioned.
Will include 3 boxes of remington 180 gr ammo (one box is 3 shells short so 57 total rounds).
Would prefer to exchange in person in Marysvale Utah (or a half way point within Utah). Not very interested in doing the FFL thing.
Let me know if you're interested. Would be willing to trade without scope too.





@DidIDraw Interested in my post? Savage 116/Trophy hunter in 270 WSM with Leupold 3x9x40 scope. I have a few boxes of brass i could throw in for your reloading. I'm in the opposite position looking for larger caliber rifles.

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