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Hey guys, i want to take the better-half on a antelope hunt, first for both of us, look'n for pointers, don't expect big bucks, just a fun hunt with good odds for the draw, 0 points, reg. tag..and maybe some doe tags..


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LAST EDITED ON Feb-17-09 AT 11:18AM (MST)[p]Take a look at any of the units in the central part of the state - most are 100% draw. But - the kicker will be that most of the units are mostly private- but for around a $100 per hunter you can gain access and have a fun hunt. Good luck - but be warned it is addicting to go. You will be back once you do it.

Oh and you may want to call the district WDFW office for the areas you are looking at, many of them have a list of landowners willing to allow you on for a fee - you could try hunting the BLM/public also but it just makes it a little easier having a place to go.


the key is get on the phone. find some private land that you can access. many landowners will let people on for a modest rate, you just need to find someone. any ideas on a zone? if you're not looking for a monster, maybe low 70's just try to be out in the field early in the season. as the season goes, they get smarter and the shots get farther. Good Luck!


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LAST EDITED ON Mar-11-09 AT 07:21AM (MST)[p]It always surprises me that people won't spend the extra $200 for the special tag to get on a good unit with LOTS of public land and moderate to low tag numbers / competition - unit 47 for just one example. They'll draw the regular tag in a unit with little public land then pay a $200 tresspass fee to hunt on a private ranch to hunt 12'' goats with 20 other guys. Keep that in mind when considering how and where to apply. GOOD LUCK. Chip


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The Eastman's Journal's MRS has a great breakdown of Wyoming odds and units to hunt(If you are a subscriber). If you are not, I would suggest finding someone who has that issue and can lend it to you. In general the more eastern units, which also have most of the private land are the easiest to draw.
10 years ago, I took my son on his first big game hunt in a leftover antelope unit. It ended up being a great experience for him. We did have to pay a small trespass fee($20 obviously more now), but it was worth it. The trick for me and antelope has always been going a few days early and finding some good bucks before the pressure hits. Then be right there on a good buck at first light on the first morning. You significantly increase your odds of taking a good animal. Good luck.


To me ,it has been the best to have a spot all picked out on opening day or go the second or third week of the season after the hunting pressure is less.
I only hunt public land and have had great success.


Check Lope 7, 18, 20, 21, 29 for a no-pressure good time without the Almighty Inches as the goal, Public Land permeative and accessible. Odds are gimmes.



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Personally I think it is crazy to pay a trespass fee to hunt antelope. Draw any area in southwestern Wyo and have a great hunt on public land, maybe even haul home a B&C. There isn't a bad unit.


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And I've found the opposite. I wait until the last 2 weeks of the hunt, by then a whole bunch of the hunters are done. I also focus on mid-week, cuz the goats seem to have calmed down from the weekend warriors.

And +1 on the MRS in Eastmans'. It really gave me some hope that someday I'm gonna draw a really good tag, or at least a darn good tag as second choice and still save my points.

Either way, there are tons of leftover areas with Walk-In access and some BLM. Get a landowner list and start calling right NOW, because a lot of the more quality areas will be leased by outfitters come hunting time.

You can hunt Wyoming every single year for antelope!

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