Wyo. 'G' or 'H'..?


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Time to decide which one to put in for this year. I've hunted both and have enjoyed both but the odds seem somewhat better for 'H' than 'G' so maybe it is time to rotate over from "G'. Do ya think the 'Pricey' fee draw group will be very crowded this year and make the 'Cheap' fee draw group better odds?? Later ending dates seem a little better in 'H'. Thanks


>Time to decide which one to
>put in for this year.
>I've hunted both and have
>enjoyed both but the odds
>seem somewhat better for 'H'
>than 'G' so maybe it
>is time to rotate over
>from "G'. Do ya think
>the 'Pricey' fee draw group
>will be very crowded this
>year and make the 'Cheap'
>fee draw group better odds??
>Later ending dates seem a
>little better in 'H'. Thanks


The next six weeks will have a big impact on the deer herds in both G AND H. I have heard the deer are having a hard time recently and some die off has been reported.I like both regions also but it sure is getting tough to find a honey hole anymore.Shed hunters need to wait until after the melt off so the deer have a chance to survive they need all the energy they can use at this point. If we are not carefull and start chasing these deer around you can bet on having alot less tags issued because of die off.I always see more deer in REG-G when I have had the oppurtunity to hunt it over REG-H. As far as the increase in fees it will be interesting to see what this will do to the odds to both the special deer fees and regular deer fees. I think it will have a big change form previous years.


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Well G has 100% of public lands open to NonRes. H has only 50% of public lands open to NonRes. H has more NonRes tags which means more hunters on less "Open" lands. G has higher concentrations of deer. H has lower concentrations of deer. Draw odds tell the story on what unit is better for a Non-Guided, NonRes. Usually goes, the worse the odds the better the unit.

I second Warbird and all he said. The deer looked rough in late Dec. Then they looked rougher as they shed and the yahoos started chasing them for the bone. Now this late storm hits as we speak. There will be a heavy March die off, much like what happened in the spring of 2002.

I hope no one gets mad about my post, because this isn't secret info.


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Might be best to just go for one of the other regions or a more unit/specific type 1 hunt........ thanks


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The big difference to me is that there are a lot more wilderness areas in H than in G. As a resident, I tried to focus more on H because I knew nonresidents could not go to a good portion of that area. But as a nonresident, you can hunt most all of G. Of late both areas gets hunted real hard, so that will not likely be a consideration. The winter has been tough over there. Here in eastern Wyoming, we've had another mild winter, so we are in good shape. But I can not recommmend the public land muley hunting here. Not good quality.

I feel like the draw odds should be better in the special (more expensive) pool this year. That has always been the case in the past during the year after the increase. But there are more serious trophy hunters every year, so things could change. But I'd definitely apply for the special.

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